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Hi everyone,

Since I was a little girl (12 Years old), I watched "The Flying Doctors" with my granddad.
These moments with my granddad were so special. I always looked were Tammy was.
From this moment on, I became a big fan of her.
Years Later, when I was around 30, I was diagnosed with cancer.
Always, when i had to go to the hosital, I Took my laptop with me and my dvd's.
Dvd's that friends made or bought  for me, with the All saints series , McLeods Daughters ( the movie),
and the series of Mcleods Daughters. Those thing keeped me happy and helped me to keep fighting.

Almost 2 Years ago I received the Best Present ever ! I received,
thanks to a great friend, a video message for my birthday of Tammy.
I cried and laughed at the same time... all day long lol
And now... My only wish... is to Meet many good friends in Australia,
but most of all ...to meet Lisa en Tammy !

On March 5th, 2007  I finally started this Tammy Macintosh Forum, with the hope we can all be friends !
As Webmaster of this Tammy Macintosh Website and  Forum, I wish you all very Welcome !

And I hope you will all help me a bit with my terrible english  lol!

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